November 2023

Free Things To Do In Cape Town

It is not necessary to waste lots of cash to have a fun time in a new country. While South Africa offers numerous things to do for tourists in its treasure chest, but if you’re simply not having enough cash then the city also offers a few fascinating things that won’t require any cash. Everybody loves free things- it in some way boosts the fun two times and so here are a few free things that one could do in Cape Town. You can find loads to see and do in South Africa’s most well-known location that won’t cost you a penny.

Hike Up Lion’s Head

If you’d prefer hiking and other exciting outdoor activities, then you could ensure that Cape Town won’t fail on that front too. You will find 2 areas which you could showcase your trekking and hiking power- one is at the Table Mountain and the other is in Signal Hill. The two mountains are a few of the best places to take your family and have an excellent outdoor dining experience. It’s best that you climb up just before sunset to relish a picnic while appreciating the gorgeous panoramic views of Cape Town and Camps Bay lying under the cold and the stunning moon.

Take a Walking Tour

Numerous companies provide free walking tours of the city. A few tours enjoy well-known sights such as Greenmarket Square, Company’s Gardens, Bo Kaap and Grand Parade; some others give you a different view of the town, like the Taste of Cape Town tour, that samples traditional treats and visits art galleries and street performers. Even though the tours are charged as free, a tip for the guide is anticipated. The history of the various places is interesting and you could even discover new things.

Get On Board at Nelson Mandela Gateway

Located at V&A Waterfront, the Nelson Mandela Gateway is the starting point for ferries to Robben Island. In case you’re saving money, without sea legs or your trip has been restricted by the weather, the free-to-enter visitor center is definitely worth a glimpse. Right here you’ll learn more about the history and get insight into the fight against apartheid, with a specific focus, of course, on Nelson Mandela.

Taste Local Wine

The Cape Winelands are becoming a famous mecca for wine connoisseurs and lovers, as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend cash in a winery tour to experience a few tastes of the great grapey things. A number of locations in and around Cape Town now provide free of charge daily wine tastings, such as Wine Concepts on Kloof Street. They provide free daily tastings coming from participating wine makers. The tastings are mondays to fridays from 16:00 to 19:00 and 11:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays.

Stroll Around Sea Point Promenade

Sea Point is really a must visit, however your visit is not complete if you don’t take in some of the awesome, crisp and cold ocean air along with the gorgeous seaside promenade. The promenade is a typical haunt of bicyclists, walkers, and skaters, if you’re into fitness and jogging then it is best to go for a sunset jog over there. It is a wonderful alternative for a theme park since you can draw out your inner child in here and soar high among the grassy parks there.

Go to Green Point Urban Park

Green Point Urban Park is definitely an incredible place in which nature thrives. It’s an ideal and spacious world of the natural enclosure for you to learn about the plant beauties surrounding you. You’ll step into a perfect landscape greenway that is a haven for both young and old. It is an ideal spot for you to relax, unwind and drift off in the lap of nature. You could even enjoy a picnic with your friends and family on its sprawling lawns.

Go Surfing At Muizenberg Beach

On Muizenberg, the surfing culture is full of life and flourishing for years.

This stunning, small coastal community is filled with welcoming people and chill vibes. The waves are perfect there regardless of the season. So whether the summer sun is glowing high or if the winter cold is covering the sun, the waves will always be ready for you. In fact, the waves are the best while in winter. If you wish to experience the wonder of this spot, then arrive early on in order to miss the traffic jam, making the best out of your day.

Go To Boulders Beach in Simons Town

This can be a perfect stop going to Cape Point! Spend time with Cape Town’s most adorable residents… African Penguins! This penguin colony is called the Boulders Beach in Simons Town home. Take a lot of pictures and watch them waddle around within their natural habitats. Whenever you are done capturing so many pictures of the lovable tuxedoed friends, stroll all around Simons Town, a charming resort town in between Cape Town and Cape Point, full of cafes and shops.

Cycle at Full Moon

Once a month, bicycle spokes glimmer in the moonlight as cyclists and bike-lovers ride casually through the streets. You can be a part of the Critical Mass event for free while making a statement about the benefits of using environmentally friendly transportation. It’s also a great way to have fun while admiring Cape Town’s beauty at dusk. The starting point is Green Point Circle and the cycle event is from 20:00 to 23:00.

5 Of The Best Beaches For Surfing In Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is known for its surfing spots to be sure. The white sandy beaches and rolling waves are a big draw, and there are miles of coastline to enjoy. That said, each beach and cove has its own identity when it comes to what surfers can expect. There are those surfing spots more suited for beginners, and then there are those beaches that beginning surfers shouldn’t touch.

If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer and want to have a good time, a great place to start would be Mulzenberg. Have you ever thought about combining surfing with yoga? Stop by African Soul Surfer Backpackers and give it a try. As for the surfing part, you can expect gentle waves and a beautiful scene. You’re only going to be about 30 miles away from the heart of the city.

Scarborough Beach is not necessarily a spot for beginners, though body boarders do often frequent this area as well. This beach is more ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers. It’s quite a popular hangout spot, not just for surfers but beachgoers of all types. Yet you don’t usually have to worry about it being too crowded. The views are amazing, and it almost doesn’t get any better in Cape Town.

Yet Cape Town is known for its beautiful beaches to be sure. This next pick is also not for beginners. Only advanced surfers should be checking out Glen Beach. And to be quite honest, this is where the locals hang out. The waves are quite powerful at Glen Beach. This surfing hotspot is only about five minutes away from the heart of the city, close to Clifton.

Off The Wall is the next featured Cape Town surfing spot. Guess what, it’s also for advanced surfers. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of beaches for beginner and intermediate surfers. There are just some majestic spots in The Mother City that feature some interesting characteristics. Off The Wall is certainly one of them. You’re going to want to get to know this fickle hotspot prior to jumping in there.

Big Bay is one of those popular beaches in Cape Town that serves up fun for all. There are days when the waves are quite large, and those days are for more advanced surfers. But the waves aren’t always like that at Big Bay. Beginner and intermediate surfers enjoy this beach quite often. You always want to know the surfing forecast for that day when you plan to hit up a spot anyway.

Intermediate surfers would enjoy Long Beach to be sure. The waves tend to accommodate everyone at this beach, breaking both ways quite often. Beginner surfers might not fare to well at this beach, however, as the waves can still be quite serious indeed. If it is time for you to step it up a notch, but you’re not quite the seasoned surfer just yet, then you might want to visit Long Beach vs a place like Off The Wall.

Other great surfing spots in Cape Town include Llandudno Beach, Dunes and Crayfish Factory. Some say that nothing matches the beauty of Llandudno Beach. And the waves at Crayfish Factory are unreal. You want to hit up as many spots as you can, but be sure they match what you’re looking for when it comes to the waves.

Understand, too, that locals do protect certain spots. They aren’t going to let just anyone come out there and mingle with the rest of the group. It’s not like that everywhere, however, and you will find some great spots to hang out and surf. Enjoy your time surfing in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fun Activities Kids Will Enjoy While On A Family Vacation In Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is known by a few nicknames, but the Mother City is bar far the most common. You’re planning out the itinerary for your family vacation, and you want to know some great places that the kids will enjoy. From natural attractions to museums to the Old Biscuit Mill and The Cape Wheel, your family is in for quite the adventure as you travel around the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Let’s begin with The Cape Wheel, which is located at Dock Road V&A Waterfront in Cape Town Central. It is one of two main attractions that put you high in the air observing everything the Mother City has to offer as you take in those spectacular views. The kids will enjoy the ride for sure as your family looks out on Table Mountain, Cape Town Stadium and much more. Are you ready to be 40 meters up in the area enjoying 360 degree views of the West Side?

Cape Town Stadium, otherwise known as Green Point Stadium, is another great place to take your family. It is located off of Vlei Road, and it is quite the architectural sight to behold. There are all kinds of events held there, from concerts to the FIFA World Cup. Check out the schedule for your time in Cape Town and see what tickets you can score. The kids will certainly enjoy this outing.

Taking the kids to the zoo is one thing, but in South Africa, you can go on a safari adventure. Inverdoorn Game Reserve Safaris is one of the best in Cape Town. It is located at 112 Loop Street, and this adventure makes for quite the day trip, or you can even choose to spend the night in a tented camp. This experience will put you up and close with cheetahs that are rehabilitating, and you will see all kinds of wildlife in their natural habitat. This beats the pants off of a zoo.

Fish Hoek Beach is also a wonderful place to take the kids. This family beach is safe for swimming, and you are also right smack dab in the middle of a small fishing town. It’s a great place to take the family out for some fish and chips. You will love the white sand beach, and the water is gorgeous. One reason why people love to go swimming here is that there are even shark nets for peace of mind.

A township tour Cape Town is another great excursion for the family. It is a fantastic way to engage with the more rural side and culture of Cape Town and get a feeling for how many South Africans live. You will experience a vibrant culture on the tour but it may also shock you to see how so many Africans live.

You’re going to have to watch your wallet with kids at Green Market Square, but it’s certainly a shopping experience you’re going to want to have while on vacation in Cape Town. This historical market features a little bit of everything, and you will find it at the corner of Longmarket Street and Burg Street. Is it time to go shopping for those souvenirs to remind you of your vacation in Cape Town?

It was mentioned that there are two main attractions that give you the best views of the entire city. This last place of interest is going to take you to Table Mountain so that you can enjoy the Aerial Cableway. The kids will find this ride fascinating, and you’re going to find yourself at the summit of Table Mountain in just a matter of minutes. The views are breathtaking.

Those family fun adventures are going to keep you busy and smiling while vacationing in Cape Town, South Africa. There are so many wonderful places of interest that are quite unique. Just wait until you see all the souvenirs available at Green Market Square, too. And with the two rides, you’re going to see everything that Cape Town, South Africa has to offer.