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Simon's TownSimon's Town – South Africa – Cape Peninsula

The small picturesque Simon’s Town is situated farther south on the Cape Peninsula, this is where you will find the protected colony of African Penquins or Jackass Penguins as they are called.

Simon's Town is a well kept and historic small town that was the main base for the British fleet in the South Atlantic for 150 years. Today it is South Africa's own navy, which dominates the Simon's Town but also is a nice tourist city with beaches, penguin colony, Marine Museum and Toy Museum.

In 1983 a pair of African penguins were spotted on Foxy Beach at Boulders, Cape Peninsula – where the vast majority of the colony resides – and in 1985 they began to lay. Since then the colony has grown rapidly, increasing initially at about 60% a year. By 1997 there were 2350 adult birds.

Today more than 3000 penguins reside just close to the beach, which is used by humans and penguins alike. From just feet away, you can watch the penguins preen, eat, mate and dive in the water.

Jackass PenguinsThis flightless seabird is found nowhere in the world except off the coast of southern Africa, thus making it endemic to this area. It breeds on 24 offshore islands between Namibia and Port Elizabeth.

In 2006, an aged captive African penguin named Pierre was described as going bald. A special wetsuit was crafted for Pierre, which was worn all the time. Gradually, the feathers were regrown, and Pierre was officially the first penguin (and likely the first bird) to have bald spots restored. (Source)

Just Nuisance"Just Nuisance", as the dog was to become known by, was by all accounts born on Thursday, 1st April 1937 in Rondebosch, a suburb in the south peninsula of Cape Town

At an early age, the pup was sold to a Benjamin Chaney who moved to Simon's Town to run the United Services Institute (USI). The USI was frequented mainly by the Royal Navy sailors - The Royal Navy at that time being in charge of the Simon's Town Naval Base. This Great Dane soon grew to be a massive dog and it was here in Simon's Town that he was to become a legend.

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