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CanyonIf you don't go to the Kruger Park, but the same distance from Seringa Lodge in the other direction, then you are coming up in the Drakensberg Mountains with heights around 1400 m (4593'). The world's third largest canyon, Blyde River Canyon is located here. This canyon is all green in contrast to the two major ones. On the western side of the canyon are some of South Africa's biggest attractions such as God's Window, Bourke's Potholes, The Pinnacle and numerous waterfalls.


Man and cheetahIn the canyons east side is the familiar Moholoholo which is a rehabilitation center for wild animals. It has become a haven for injured, poisoned or orphaned endangered animals. Injured animals from all corners of South Africa are moved here for rehabilitation and when they have become healthy is then return to the wild. Animals that for various reasons can not be adapted will remain in the center and used for the training of game wardens. The center is visited each year by nature interested people from around the world.

DanceAnother interesting place in the region is Shangana Cultural Village. Here one can visit an African village, meet the chief and medicine man and get a little insight into how they live their lives.
Shangana Child

FruitThe evening ends with a colorful display of dance, song and music in which the participants tell their story. During the performance, one drink the locally brewed beer and afterward served a meal with the villagers. The food is typical local African delicacies, cooked in big pots over an open fire.

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